We implement the most advanced technologies to develop customised solutions.

We implement the most advanced technologies to develop customised solutions.

There are four main areas for which we develop our products:

  1. Motion control > Multi-Technology Approach (Pneumatic - Proportional - Electric)
  2. Fluid control > Industrial - Life Science
  3. Digitalisation
  4. Additive manufacturing.

Motion control

We analyse each individual application, and create solutions using the best pneumatic, electric or proportional technology available. Our solutions therefore combine the reliability of pneumatic valves and pneumatic actuators, with the precision guaranteed by regulators and proportional valves. In addition, electromechanical cylinders and axes are available to offer speed and precise positioning, to further optimise application performance. This is the competitive advantage Camozzi proposes to each customer.

Pneumatic technology, electric technology, proportional technology



Fluid control

Camozzi Automation offers solutions for the precise control of liquid and gaseous fluids for the industrial automation and the Life Science sectors:

  • Industrial - Miniaturisation, Proportional Technology, Fluid Separation and General Purpose
  • Life science - Analytical and medical.


Digitised solutions for intelligent manufacturing. We offer mechatronic solutions with integrated sensors and diagnostics for standard and customised components. We create added value by combining motion control technologies with electronics and information technology, to guarantee reliability, flexibility and an increase of production efficiency.

Additive manufacturing

We use advanced materials and 3D printing technology that, for sectors with particular needs - for example in the presence of very high or very low temperatures, aggressive fluids - allow us to optimise geometries, lighten masses, improve performance, TCO and energy efficiency, while maintaining the same quality.