The key factors currently influencing the demand for railway transport include the need for greater consumer mobility, the introduction of standards to reduce CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, road traffic reduction in cities and steadily increasing fuel costs.

The pneumatic and electromechanical components used on trains, subways and their infrastructure are designed specifically to satisfy strict requirements in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency and operation in the harshest of environments.

Our standard range of pneumatic components is enhanced by versions suitable for the railway sector. For example:

  • low/high temperature cylinders for mobile platforms, coupling and movement systems
  • valves with a wide operating voltage range, fittings for braking systems
  • proportional valves that can be used for the regulation of lubricants, air and water flows

In addition to the solutions included in our catalogues we also have the expertise to design and produce customised integrated systems and plug and play solutions.

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