Passenger car & LD vehicles

The automotive sector has always been characterised by technological innovation, both in terms of processes and organisational models.

The main drivers for the development of ‘on board’ components are the growing demand for reliability, safety, efficiency and eco-sustainability.

Also, any components used to realise machinery/equipment has to guarantee an advantage in terms of optimised production cycles, efficiency and reliability throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

A wide range of components are available for the control of flow and movement e.g. individual valves, proportional valves and valve islands which have been developed to offer compatibility with the main communication protocols so that high performance is always guaranteed. Maximum reliability is also offered with our Truck fittings, designed specifically for braking systems.

Camozzi is a potential partner that is fully equipped to co-design solutions that are customised to meet exact requirements. Every solution offered is then fully supported through our global infrastructure.

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Passenger car & LD vehicles